CFC | CAMAM Program – Products for the diaspora


* Advantages linked to the Enterprise:

It’s status of being a para-statal entity, its popularity and geographical implantation (in term of overall client portfolio)

* Its commercial characteristics:

This includes the amount of the loans, the interest rate, period of grace, loan given in tranches, the means of the loan redemption, the stability of the payment, the destination of the housing to build or to acquire, guarantees demanded (life and incapacity insurance, fire insurance, possibility to build up your personal efforts through savings with CFC, a possibility for refinancing loan, possibility to sign a tie -up or convention with preferential conditions, financing of land or home acquisitions in a real estate programme). Cost cutting insurance has been obtained from insurance companies to increase the debt capacity of the customer.

* Its technical characteristics

The fact that CFC has experts that will accompany the client to reach the feasibility of the project and its advancement according to the loan (the loan is given in parts according to the project to enable the client to achieve its goal without problems).


There are many solutions available for housing projects in Cameroon through CFC.

Most CFC loans can be used for:

– Land purchase – Land purchase + Construction – Construction of accommodation – Acquiring of accommodation – Acquiring of accommodation + completion works – Upgrading and finishing of accommodation – Mortgage refinancing loan – Mortgage refinancing loan + completion works

Most CFC loans can also finance both main housing and secondary or retirement homes.

Loan products include:

Ordinary loans, Real Estate commercial and social loans, Young Real Estate loans.

Loan amounts typically range from 25,000,000 to 500,000,000 CFA depending on the type of loan. Interest rates range between 3-7% depending on the product.

More information will be available on a dedicated web portal. Please email to express interest and request for more detailed information.