Structure of CFC | CAMAM program

Credit Foncier Cameroon (CFC) recognizes the unique value and financial strength of our diaspora in the U.S.

On the other hand, CAMAM is the leading organization in the United States promoting private sector development in Cameroon through the diaspora.

Together, our two organizations aim to strengthen the involvement of the diaspora in Cameroon’s housing sector, which is why we have created the CFC | CAMAM program.

Under our program, CAMAM will provide a set of services to CFC in order to facilitate the participation of the Cameroonian diaspora in the U.S. in Cameroon’s housing market.

The chamber will ensure strict compliance from applicants to CFC rules and maintain a transparent and efficient working method for the benefit of the applicants.

While CAMAM will provide a set of pre-assessment and compliance services under this program, CFC will be solely responsible for providing its banking services and products to interested parties in the U.S. In addition, all credit decisions will be made by CFC upon receipt of queries and EOIs from applicants in the U.S. through CAMAM.

Overall, the CFC | CAMAM program will aim to help members of the diaspora in the following ways:

  • Receive financial resources to undertake housing projects in Cameroon;
  • Receive insights on housing opportunities in Cameroon;
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to the application process with CFC;
  • Facilitate repayment methods for U.S. residents through the establishment of a corresponding U.S. banking institution;
  • Maintain an active communication channel between professionals in Cameroon and the United States to address client concerns and queries.