Corporate Members

Why should you join CAMAM as a corporate member?

Exposure, Information, Training, Access to Capital, and More!

Corporate Members and Partners play a crucial role in the structure of the Chamber. CAMAM works with companies of all sizes based in both Cameroon and the United States, and our platform offers tremendous benefits to Corporate Members and Partners.


We offer three levels of corporate membership in the United States and Cameroon: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.



Annual dues are as follows for U.S.-based companies and organizations:

Gold Membership: $1,500

Silver Membership: $1,000

Bronze Membership: $500

Annual dues are as follows for Cameroonian-based companies and organizations:

Gold Membership: CFA 300,000

Silver Membership: CFA 200,000

Bronze Membership: CFA 100,000


Each level of membership provides members with access to industry-specific information, discounted services, networking opportunities, advocacy support, and branding and visibility support.

See a list of full benefits here.


We also work with targeted Corporate Partners on special programs and events. Typically, Corporate Partners are larger companies with significant resources that wish to expand their business outreach to the CAMAM network and increase the visibility of their corporate social responsibility programs.

To become a Corporate Partner, please contact Mr. Hector Tantoh, Director of Marketing, at: