CAMAM: Building a bridge for a brighter future

There is so much at stake for Cameroonians and members of the diaspora throughout the world to sit complacent without taking advantage of the vast opportunities we have in front of us. International cooperation, knowledge exchanges, and more inclusive business growth, are fundamental pillars for the development of Cameroon and the African continent.

Our progress starts now, and we, members of the diaspora and friends of Cameroon alike, have the ideal makeup to guide and execute development programs.

In Cameroon, economic growth is relatively stable, population is young, country is extremely bio-diverse and rich in natural resources. In the United States, the Cameroonian diaspora is highly educated and accomplished throughout the country, and many Cameroonian entrepreneurs thrive and continue to make us proud every day.


CAMAM was established with the vision to empower all of us to better capitalize on our strengths, knowledge, and assets.

CAMAM is your point of reference. A ‘ONE STOP SHOP’.

Through establishing our dual presence in Cameroon and the United States, we have begun building a bridge – One that will better connect businesses and individuals from one country to the other.

CAMAM has designed business development programs which will directly benefit your business as well as our communities in both Cameroon and the United States.

By coordinating our various development efforts, we can ensure that businesses have the proper tools to grow, and gain access and visibility to markets and investors which can enhance their chances to compete and be successful.

Foreign investors and philanthropists can greatly benefit from our dual platform to ensure successful outcomes and understand the cultural and social attributes of our local communities.

Your opportunity starts here. Become a CAMAM memberempower your business – inspire our communities!