Project management: Discover our trusted network of affiliates

Members of the diaspora in United States often engage in a number of initiatives in Cameroon.

Whether it is to build a house, school, hospital, or make arrangements for funerals, memorial services, and special events, identifying reliable field contractors and service providers can sometimes be a challenge.

file441272273187The chamber has established a growing number of affiliates in Cameroon and the United States with whom interested parties can collaborate to ensure successful outcomes from their various projects and initiatives.

Through ‘pre-screening’ and vetting, we ensure that information on selected services and products is up to date, reliable, and helpful to our members and affiliates.

Individuals and businesses from Cameroon can also utilize our services to connect with a wide range of providers to import goods and services from the United States.

All members of the chamber receive discounted access to our ‘matching’ programs, while non-members also have access to the program at no discount.

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